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Vast Experience

García Cabán Law Group, LLC (the "Firm") offers quality and comprehensive legal advice and representation to varied companies and business associations. The Firm's professionals have vast experience in multiple areas of the law, including but not limited to: real estate development and financing; public-private partnership; construction law; contracts; corporations; governmental affairs, including legislative affairs; civil litigation before state and federal courts; appelate litigation before state and federal courts; intellectual property technology matters, including copyright, trademark and trade secret law; administrative law and complex issues of constitutional law.

Diverse Clientele

The Firm's attorneys pride themselves in taking the time to understand the clients business goals and provide practical legal solutions to assist them in pursuing these goals. The Firm enjoys a diverse clientele representing a wide crosssection of private corporations, public entities and individuals and engaged in activities in areas such as financial services, insurance, retail, construction, education, government and manufacturing.